Mouthwatering & Delicious

With a long history throughout the Balkan Peninsula, especially in Greece, Feta is traditionally made from a combination of sheep and goat milk. Redwood Hill Farm''s award winning Raw Milk Feta is made with pure raw goat milk. We gently cut the curd and form it into blocks by hand. Then it is brined in a natural, salt water brine before being bagged for aging. This creamy, mouthwatering cheese is available in pre-cut retail portions or in bulk pieces.

Redwood Hill Farm's Raw Milk Feta is a consistent award winner in national cheese competitions.

Storage & Serving Suggestions

Left in its Cryovac packaging, Raw Milk Feta will last refrigerated for 6 months or more. After opening, re-wrap your cheese in fresh plastic or cheese wrap and keep it refrigerated.